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Verb - transitive (1) The act of having one's Jew Fro removed or removing another's Jew Fro either by force or with the removee's consent.

Offenses which justify forceful dejewfrofication include:
being unworthy of one's Jew Fro (i.e. looking incredibly un-jewish), being anti-semitic, being Republican (or Twipublican), etc.

Common Side-effects of dejewfrofication include:
loss of Jewish appearance (a.k.a. "Jewocity"), increase in nerdiness, and abrupt loss of awesome.

Also, in a recent medical double-blind study, results show that 98% of victims suffering from dejewfrofication reported a sudden absence of "a Jew Fro." Scientists are still studying these findings.
Guy 1: "Dude did you see what happened to Isaac?"

Guy 2: "No, what?"

Guy 1: "His mom forced him to dejewfrofy himself..."

Guy 2: "Wait, ARE YOU SERIOUS!? He cut his Jew Fro!?"

Guy 1: "Ya, dude. He TOTALLY got dejewfrofied."
by Razgriz117 May 26, 2009
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