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A guilty pleasure that should only be enjoyed every once in a while due its adverse effects to one's health.

Usually used in reference to describe a member of the opposite sex who is amazing in bed and crazy everywhere else.
Friend 1: My ex-wife is a deep fried twinkie.

Friend 2: What do you mean?

Friend 1: She is great to have sex with once or twice a year, but to have her every day would kill me unnaturally soon.
by Feydtoblack August 25, 2009
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When i man becomes overly obssessed with viewing porn of the opposite sex(unless you dont go that way), and enjoys ejaculating to much, and results in a bruised foreskin. When this happens, you may tell your friends you have a deep fried twinkie.
Guy 1: Dude, i got a deep fried twinkie from looking at asian porn with your sister last night

Guy 2: Fuck you, you little cock sucker.

Guy 3: Go get a deep fried twinkie yourself!!!!!!!
by Yo Mamma, Yo Mamma, Yo Mamma November 18, 2006
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When a man fucks a woman in the ass causing a gaping asshole. The man then shits into the woman's gaping asshole and proceeds to fuck her ass with his shit still inside. The man then fucks the shit until he ejaculates into it. After that the woman shits all of what was in her ass onto the man's dick thus resembling a deepfried twinkie with some of the creamy filling seeping out.
Me and my girlfriend made a Deepfried Twinkie last night, it was fucking sick!
by Twisty Top June 27, 2009
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