Is when two people have a very long conversation about everything thats going on in their lfe. This is when you both open up and let your feelings free. It could also make them very close
Dave: Wow i never knew we had so much in common, i feel so much closer to you.

Marry: Yeah i feel the same way, im glad we had a deep conversation tonight.
by MzLaLii September 2, 2008
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He softly kissed me, mastered my small breasts like a skillful artist. He caressed my legs, my inner thigh, brushed his hand along my clit. Took my nipples in his mouth like he was sucking on a Hershey's kiss. I was girating, wanting him in me. Then he took my clit in his mouth but only for a few seconds...tease. He then rubbed his engorged dick on me, then in me, then on me again. When he finally entered me, his girth took up my entire space...commanding it to his will. His fluid motion was just enough and his tip was speaking in tongues to my gorgeous G. She loved every minute of it! She started to sing and as she was being stroked, the sounds from inside erupted into the loudest sounds I've exclaimed in a long time. But I wasn't finished. He took me in his mouth & 8 more times I saw the light. Then he fucked he was fucking out those from my past. I was A & O x 0. I emerged with quivering thighs & a satisfaction I haven't experienced in many months.
His dick had a deep conversation with my G, and I loved every minute of it!
It was agony & ecstasy all at the same time. Agony to let go, but ecstasy to feel alive again!
by Morphologicalfreedom... October 7, 2013
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I thought i got to the party early enough, but everyone was already waist deep in conversation when i got there.
by Wheeze05 October 30, 2018
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The debut album by awesome welsh five piece, Funeral For A Friend. Released on October 13th 2003. This was their first full length after their three EPs, "Between order and Model", "Four Ways To Scream Your Name" and seven ways to scream your name". This was the album that got Funeral their "emo" tag. The track listing is as follows:
1. "Rookie of the Year"
2. "Bullet Theory"
3. "Juneau"
4. "Bend Your Arms to Look Like Wings"
5. "Escape Artists Never Die"
6. "Storytelling"
7. "Moments Forever Faded"
8. "She Drove Me to Daytime Television"
9. "Red Is the New Black"
10. "Your Revolution Is a Joke"
11. "Waking Up (Inside My Own Paralysis)"
12. "Novella". Although two tracks were left off ("10 scene points to the winner" and "you want romance?"),"you want romance?" was later released as a single. This is an absolutely amazing debut and guaranteed to be a favourite.
by Red is the new Black December 29, 2005
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