The day the best people on earth were born. People who are born on this day are the smartest, kindest, hottest, sexiest, with the best personality and are the most lovable people you’ll ever meet. They’re extremely attractive and caring for those who they love. They’re big Potter heads and MCU fans. One way to show them you love and care about them is sharing music with them. They love chocolate their addicted to it. They’re car people . You’ll instantly fall in love with their soul once you get to know them. They’re also born with the purest heart and beautiful smiles. If you know someone this special born on this day you’re the luckiest person alive you should cherish them and love them with all your heart. They are rare beautiful owls.
Ron:”who is thaaaatt?”
Hermione:” that’s Basma obviously”
Harry:”wow she’s very attractive!”
Hermione:” of course she’s born on December 17th, honestly do you two read?”
by Curly headed weirdo “̮ December 10, 2019
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December 17 which is to describe some kid who is smarter than your face
by TheWiseBigBrain November 04, 2019
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