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•its national hoe day let's hoe around

posting a variety of picture while being a hoe
• "look it's diego he's such a hoe today . its cause it's national hoe day today
by deeiigoo June 29, 2017
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June 14th marks National Hoe Day. This is dedicated to all the hoes out there. PSA: THE BIGGER THE HOOP THE BIGGER THE HOE! Wear the biggest hoops you got.
“Hey, did you know today is National Hoe Day”
“Yeah, I’m wearing my biggest hoops!”
by linglingg June 16, 2018
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Every Friday In the month of July is national hoe day. Meaning you can hoe around fuck as much people as you want and make out with them and all that type of stuff and then the next day not be called a hoe, whore, slut, etc
1: Where are you going?
2: Oh I’m going to go suck on Brad today

1: Isn’t Brad your boyfriends brother!?
2: Yes But didn’t you hear that it’s national hoe day I can mess around with whoever I want without being called a hoe!
by Xx.ifudgedurdog July 13, 2018
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