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Debo’d (noun) A derivative of the word ”Debo”, the bully from the hit movie Friday. This is the act of jumping, beating, punking, chumping or straight taking something from someone. Both tangible and intangible things can be Debo’d from someone.
Tangible Example of Debo'd -- Thug: Yo son straight up, gimme those Jordans.
Soon to be salty white boy: Come dude, I mean geez, I just bought these yesterday.
Thug: Word is bond son, gimme them J’s or u getting straight Debo’d fo’ em.
Soon to be salty white boy: No way man, buy you own when Obama gives you thousands for being black..
Thug: What you say white boy!! That’s it, now you getting Debo’d…..
Salty white boy: (As he climbs out the dumpster) Geezzzz…..I guess “Debo’d means shoeless…..

Intangible Example of Debo'd -- Inmate #66: Damn nigga, you see that pretty ass white boy that just got assigned to cell 35 in D block.
Inmate #102: Hell-yea I seen his ass, he must be one of them enron bitches.
Inmate#66: Yea I got his enron…….Yo son word to-motha…He getting srtaight Debo’d fo his manhood tonite.

by TB2-nola February 13, 2009
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