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A phrase from the movie "Hell or High Water". Toby is exchanging the cash that they just stole from a bank at a casino and his brother reminds him to get "Debbie money". Debbie is Toby's ex-wife to whom he owes a lot of back child support. His brother, Tanner, is reminding him to get some cash to satisfy her when he sees her the next day.
Teller: Like to pay this out in cash or check?

Tanner: Get some Debbie money.
Toby: Four in cash, rest in check.
by Derp2.0 August 29, 2017
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A check. Probably comes from "debit" (like a debit card).
Spoken in the movie "Hell or High Water" when asked in the casino while cashing out, "Cash or check?", his brother says: "Get some debbie money", indicating to get a check.
by MadhuG December 05, 2016
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