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The point where a person's death becomes highly probable or unavoidable, due to something that he or she has just said or done. May also refer to the phrase or action itself.
Ways to make a death flag:
- achieve 999 straight victories
- teach your pupil everything you know
- propose to someone before going to war
- get seriously wounded and tell your mates you'll be "fine"
- invite a detective to your next family reunion on an island
- reassure a small child that no enemy has attacked your city in 100 years
- point out the glaring lack of giant parasitic wasp swarms in your current life

"Gee, you know, the only thing that could ruin this great wedding right now is a giant swarm of parasitic wasps."
by solcosine May 05, 2014
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A death-flag is an action or phrase that offers the possibility of a characters death in a TV-show, movie, book, or even anime. If you see any of these death-flags below, your favorite character might just die.

1. Finally opening up to his/her crush right before going into a dangerous situation, like a war/battle
1a. Crush graciously accepts said confession, and talks about life

2. Character's family, preferably wife and kids, are unnecessarily given background information
2a. Character's family must be loving without any family problems

3. Hearing a creek or a sound coming from a nearby room
3a. Said room must have the lights off with the door partially open, as the character slowly approaches it.

4. Talk about his/her future and what he wants to be in life, right before a dangerous battle or war

5. Being a mentor of the adventurous Main Character

6. Subtle indications that Character is sick, but not open about it

7. Realizing/discovering a mystery that should not be uncovered
7a. Character tries to contact someone to let them know of the discovery fast, then meets stranger

8. Once scared character decides to be brave for once
8a. Character bites more than he can chew

9. Excessive coughing of blood during battle
9a. Not dead yet, but prey is nearby to finish the job
This character is giving off a Death flag. I wonder how long it will take for him to die.
by Kazukster November 27, 2016
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An instance where a character is subject to extreme danger foreshadowed with grim implications.
Examples of Death Flagging:

Unknowingly ticking off a unstable individual.

Wondering into a zone at the wrong time.

Taking on a dangerous deed with slim chances of success.

Short sighted approach to a ludicrous event.
by Meomix August 27, 2010
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