Death juice is a mixture of Cocaine, Marijuana, Oxycontin, 2 different types of cough syrup, & beer. It makes you bleed from your eyes, nipples, nose, ears, and it makes your teeth fall out and your fingernails fall off. As shown in the music video, Earl Sweatshirt - EARL.
My nigga drank some death juice and now he's dead .
by TheOriginalZ March 12, 2011
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A mysteriously delicious and poisonously intoxicating concoction comprised of the various alcoholic mixed drinks left over after a party/gala/event mixed into a small vat. Note: Juice may be added to help mask the horror within.
After that fat rager, we had enough leftover hard drinks to make a batch of Death Juice and throw another party the next night.

Cory didn't realize the intensity of last nights Death Juice and he put a bullet in his forehead when it "shattered" him.

This Death Juice is going to get everyone here laid.
by Blake em January 2, 2008
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When you raid your parent's liquor cabinet as a teenager and pour a shot of everything together in a crusty ass water bottle. It feels like you're dying when you drink it and that's the point. There is no way to drink it without blacking out and possibly ending up dead. Therefore, death juice.
Yo Megan and I had some death juice last night and now we lost the cat and crashed the car.
by Sasha the car December 14, 2018
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