a sad ass nigga that makes rap songs
Earl Sweatshirt is the best rapper from ex-Odd Future
by KingKenjii April 18, 2019
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“Have you heard Earl Sweatshirt’s albumdoris” it’s really good
by riot!byearlsweatshirt April 11, 2021
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Birth name, Thebe Kgositsile, the roughly-put hottest rapper out of OFWGKTADGAFLLLSBB. He raps about coke, raping hoes and bodily fluids. He has not recently been making music, due to his sudden dissapperence. Some sources believe that he is attending Coral Reef Academy in Samoa. As of this date, his mother will not allow him to release music. He also does not know about the group's rising fame. The OF members vow to free him from Samoa and "rule the world."
by JustCallMeThurnis May 9, 2011
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Thebe Kgositsile, otherwise know as Earl Sweatshirt, is one of the 11 members of the hip-hop collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kills Them All. The group is known for their passionate, vulgar lyrics and their experimental production. Earl Sweatshirt is the youngest, and one of the most talented rappers in the group. His rapping style is notable for its dark lyrical content, heavy wordplay, multi-syllabic rhymes, and double entendres.

His 2010 album 'Earl', released when he was 16, is considered one of the best albums of 2010. His father (not grandfather) is Keorapetse Kgositsile, a famous South African poet, so his amazing debut was certainly not a fluke.

He was put in Samoa's Coral Reef Academy by his mother when he was 16. February 24, 2012, Earl will be 18, come back to the US and release another album. According to Complex interview, Earl can't wait to get back and has been writing poetry/raps during his stay at Coral Reef Academy.

Earl Sweatshirt (from 'Couch'):

"Uh, was always smartmouthed and quick-witted
But somethin' was always missin' like six digits
Lucky seven probably poppa
Little nigga so they picked on him, hassled him
Things changed when I hassled back, so
David hit the pavement with this grapple rap"

You: Holy shit that was amazing.
by basil__ October 30, 2011
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Hey have you heard that they found god's real identity?? It's earl sweatshirt
by extraalaaarge December 30, 2021
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The coolest nigga in odd future. Though he looks like the richest homeless man, he still puts out fire ass music .

Insta: uhohsokona
"ay turn up that Earl sweatshirt real quick!"
by Uhohsokona on da gram February 14, 2021
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Birth name Thebe Kgositsile, a 17 year old rapper from Los Angeles, California known in the group ofwgktadgaf, Tyler the Creator's younger brother. Rumors to his dissapearance from ofwgkta have said that his mother disapproved of his music and sent him off to boarding school, but in reality it was his choice to go to Samoa Coral Reef Academy. He still writes music but has said that he is "focusing on other things for now."
The "Free Earl" campaign is a gimmick, he is not being held against his will.

Earl sweatshirt got mad skills, tho
by Laylen- July 15, 2011
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