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Death juice is a mixture of Cocaine, Marijuana, Oxycontin, 2 different types of cough syrup, & beer. It makes you bleed from your eyes, nipples, nose, ears, and it makes your teeth fall out and your fingernails fall off. As shown in the music video, Earl Sweatshirt - EARL.
My nigga drank some death juice and now he's dead .
by TheOriginalZ March 12, 2011
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A mysteriously delicious and poisonously intoxicating concoction comprised of the various alcoholic mixed drinks left over after a party/gala/event mixed into a small vat. Note: Juice may be added to help mask the horror within.
After that fat rager, we had enough leftover hard drinks to make a batch of Death Juice and throw another party the next night.

Cory didn't realize the intensity of last nights Death Juice and he put a bullet in his forehead when it "shattered" him.

This Death Juice is going to get everyone here laid.
by Blake em January 01, 2008
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