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Deanus is a Latin aphorism usually translated as "small" or "unsightly". Deanus has evolved in the English language to also include anything that is cheap and/or nasty.

Deanus has been adopted by numerous languages examples below:
English - Dean
Greek - Deanusopolos
Fijian- Dee-ni Wee-ni
Italian - Dinus
Hindi - Deanus Sutra
Korean - Dean Jong Small
Norwegian - Djornus Smallus
Australian Aboriginal - Deanusamooloowooloo
Polish – Dupa
Oh my god! I just saw that guy naked and he is such a deanus.

Dude, stop being such a deanus.

Captain, we are now approaching the Planet Deanus.
by Dumkopf July 05, 2016
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A penis that is shrivled up, deformed, unstable, and very very inactive
Man, I feel bad for that guy he has a Deanus, I doubt he will ever get a girl.
by oshitwaddupdatboi July 11, 2016
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