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Dean's Law states that in any verbal human interaction (usually a conversation, discussion or planning meeting of some nature), given enough time, the said verbal interaction will cease to be realistic and sensible, becoming ridiculous and usually humorous in nature, deviating from the plot and resulting in nothing being accomplished and time wastage. Usually an enjoyable experience.

In layman's terms, the plot will be lost and people will begin "taking the mickey".

This law encapsulates the entire human species independent of race, color or culture. Timing and the amusement factor, however, are directly related to the intelligence and attention span of the persons involved in said interaction.

This Law was coined in 2006 by Dean O'Farrell.

*** Dean's Law can also be used to illustrate that normal boundaries do not apply to a certain situation or discussion.
Bob: "I suggest that we get blue curtains, I think they will fit in well with the existing decor and color scheme."

Kate: "I agree, but maybe the red ones will work equally well"

Allan: "OK then maybe we should get one red one and one blue one?"

Bob: "Yeah that's a great idea, if we do that then we can get tons of small blue and red carpets too! We can put them on the floor and make the room look like a big checkers board!"

Allan: "Yes and then we can paint little blue and red squares on the couches!!Ha Ha!"

Bob: "ooh ooh yes and then we can change the lampshades to luminous green!"

Kate: "OK guys, this is getting ridiculous now. Dean's Law has taken over now."

*** "OK guys, head office has really given us free reign with this project, so let Dean's Law run wild! No holds barred!"
by onlyalegend February 06, 2010
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