People you are friends with only because you we're forced together for a long period of time. (i.e in a classroom or work space) You find them unreliable, they don't KNOW you, you don't know them even after all this time. You're personalities don't match yet you hang out and can talk with each other. If follows the "Friends you realize you were only friends with because you saw them 5 days a week” mentality.
Jeff talks to 10+ people 5 days a week but he is loney, they are all dead friends that would never be there for him when he needs them.
by Aldia September 24, 2016
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A growing club of sorts that will probably be quite large by the end of 45’s presidency.
Poor doomed Jeffrey; he knew he would go down in history as one of the first widely publicized members of Donald’s Dead Friends Society.
by Dr Bunnygirl August 10, 2019
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