A youth organization that make good men better. It's a form of Masonic Youth. It teaches them respect and gives them leadership qualities. It has different offices and is a democracy. You elect the Master Councilor for the term. but there is a line you must go through first. Many well known people that succeeded in life were in DeMolay. Some people may think that DeMolay is a cult. well by exact dictionary definition it somewhat is. but! so is Church. so watch what you say. you could be a hypocrite. See DeMolay is named after Jacques de Molay. The last Knights Templar. He was tortured for 7 years before he was burned at the stake. The Catholics wanted to know where the treasure was at. But he never told them. He never even gave them another name of a fellow knight templar. DeMolay teaches guys to stay true to their obligations. and anyone who thinks that they sacrifice things and only recruit to get a quota. they are wrong. DeMolay's recruit members to share DeMolay and it's teachings. DeMolay is a International group. and every chapter has a elected sweetheart court. which contains a sweetheart, princess and dutches. DeMolay is a very good thing for a young man to experience.
That responsible man there was a DeMolay.
by Lorris Gray July 11, 2008
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Masonic Youth group for young men.It teachs several important Life skills but focus' on Leadership.Also See Rainbow
Person 1: That guy there he's a Demolay.
Person 2:How can you tell that?
Person 1:Look how he shows his leadership skills.
by Chev Guy March 12, 2004
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A pin used to show who a girl belongs to. If a guy asks a girl out, he will kiss her squeeze her ass and give her his DeMolay Pin, showing that she belongs to him.
Boy: Yo, I heard Jake and Jasmine hooked up.
Girl: Ya. A couple girls found his DeMolay pin in her backpack yesterday.
Boy: I bet he squeezed her ass, too.
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High School Fraternity Dance that knows how to be up on the times yet keep'n it classy.
Guy: "I'm hittin up a DeMolay Dance tonight. Wanna join?"

Girl: "A what?"

Guy: "It's good clean fun. Nobody has to worry about getting thrown up on while breakin it down on the dance floor"

Girl: "Aiight, I'm down!"
by FoxyFuego February 5, 2010
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