The word "DeBord" is street/ghetto for royalty/power. I have no idea how this got put into the ghetto language, because it comes from one of the rulers on anceint France with the last name DeBord. Most ghetto people don't know that, but it's the truth!
Goerge Bush thinks hes a fuckin' DeBord!
by x Harry x June 12, 2006
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High School math teacher....most commonly found in richlands va... latin- Debbordiuous Maximuss Jmamius. favors all that is classic rock and classic metal. most perferd.. megadeth. hate all that is social. you can find him in his natural habbitat ..RHS.
by pimp matsta nig December 16, 2007
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The sexiest, smartest, tallest, strongest, longest, gayest piece of shit you'll ever meet. He usually is found in smaller towns, but he has seen the larger towns. So you'll know him.
Damn, that Jake Debord kid is the coolest cat on the block.
by pappyflappy123 June 2, 2017
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