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De'Asia is is a really pretty name for a girl. She has attitudes and if you say something she doesn't like if she says something back she is really tired of that person. If she doesn't talk back she doesn't want to waste her time. If A girl name De'Asia says she loves you she really means it. She had some amazing eyes. She can dress. If you ever meet a De'Asia don't lose her!!!!! But if something is wrong with De'Asia and she doesn't want to talk about it something is really wrong it will be hard for you to get it out.
De'Asia is so pretty!!
by ManMan7894 June 01, 2018
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A: A 4 effort
by PETTY BIH February 02, 2017
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De'Asia Is A Kindhearted Person. She Cares For Everyone Around Her, She's Also A Savage. She's Also A Freak That Likes Hair Pulling And Chocking
You're Acting Like A De'Asia
by ItsDeeBisshhh June 27, 2017
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Deasia is a kindhearted girl who is quiet sometimes and loud. But she is the baddest bitch alive. Don't care what nobody gots to say about her. She's always smiling.
by Deasia. March 21, 2018
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an awesome girl who is sometimes abusive but in a good way :D
I was making a joke about something and I thought it was pretty funny until everyone started acting like a Deasia.
by happylittleperson May 24, 2010
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That one girl in your class who's always being that asshole but then she's cool again.
Damn...she act just like Deasia wtf...
by fattynooblife October 15, 2017
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De'Asia , she is a kind and wonderful person even though she has attitudes almost all the time its because things keep happening to her all at once and she still has things from the past that needa to come out. But De'Asia is a bad bitch once she gets comfortable with you she is actually funny asf and but os overprotective if she really fucks with you. She has an amazing personality . She doesn't mess with peoples bull shit . She will change over some yeaes or months . and she wont act fake only if she sees that your acting fake TOWARDS her . If she doesn't like you then it is always a reason for her not to like anyone and she is very sensitive she cant control her facial expressions she can act funny and goofy and she has very bad trust issues and she is strong asf if something is hurting her she will brush it off and say fuck it and im not saying it doesn't still hurt her. And if she says she going to do something especially if shes mad she will do it.. She doesn't give a fuck ! But De'Asia is a wonderful kind and sweet person just dont push her
De'Asia is a sweet and funny person just dont push her
by Deasia pretty ass November 16, 2018
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