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Daysy the most funniest, hottest, down for anything, outgoing, chilliest girl on earth!!! Very giggly with big ass dimples which make her stand out. She's a keeper...but plays hard to get. The sun to your day....very bright and humorous. Once you lose her she's gone'll never find another girl like Daysy !!!! She'll make you feel like a king!!! Treat her right dude!!!
Dude-damn she's such a Daysy
Girl-My bestfriend is a Daysy
by Roselynn bob May 11, 2018
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It's the 10th way to write a girls name.
Mother: What's another way to write Daisy?
Nurse: Try Daysy!
by BRNC July 06, 2010
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A very beautiful, humorous, funny girl!!! Don’t take her for granted because girls like her need to be treated with Love and care !! She’s one of the most amazing girls on earth she makes you laugh and everyone laugh! Her smile makes the world better and brighter! She’s super caring and loves allllllll about you, if her friends get hurt from anyone expect her to confront you because her friends mean the world to her! You don’t have to love her because she might not love you and the only love she needs it from her friends.
Guy- Hahahahahah
Daysy-*litteraly does nothing and makes half the world laugh*
by Farina Lops October 20, 2018
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