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1. Name coming from the celtic word 'daccs' meaning water

2. Name or word used to describe someone that is of pure awesomeness

NOTE! Word spelt with double 'x' (often confused with 'Dax')
Person 1: "Daxx?"

Person 2: "That's right I am awesome! And don't you forget it!!"
by iamAVRY April 25, 2011
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Daxx is usually a kid from georgia, probably hogansville, dips skoal but aruges that grizzly is better, slaps girls in the face and loves beer.
Person 1: Yo man that kid just bought some skaol and budweiser!
Person 2: Wow what a Daxx!
by georgiaman January 31, 2010
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Person who is always getting side hoes and his main bitch just left him. You will find one on almost every friday-sunday at a bar. He is a good guy but nobody knows who he TRULY is and no one understands him. Keep your girl away or he will take her too
Guy 1: bro look at that model over there! Is he famous?
Guy 2: No, he is just a Daxx, keep him away from your girl
by Beastmaster6942069 December 03, 2019
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