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n: A man who generally Rips Tits in any activity he does.

n2: Someone who does things that others can't even imagine.

v: The act of doing something amazingly awesome.
That player made the most rediculous play ever! He's such a Dawei!

Wow, you really Dawei'ed your way out of that one!
by Dass ssit! October 13, 2011
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Used by the ancient knuckles. The knuckles will go up to you and ask you: Do u no da wei? And you will reply: I don't... know the way? Then the knuckle will begin clicking and spitting and ask you: Do u no da wei? He will then leave you very confused.
Knuckle: Do u no da wei?
Guy: Get away from me.
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by Da_wei_masta January 19, 2018
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