This man has the fattest cock you'll ever see in your life. The ladies love him, but Daviss's arent interested in ladies but instead, sexy ass children. Daviss's are usually pedophiles that go around snatching kids up. Now their appearance may make them look innocent, but however if you're 8 and below, he's got a cock to show.
Kristine: You wanna fuck?
Daviss: Nah Babe, you're too old for me. I live your 5 year-old sister though.
by Kkkmoonman June 28, 2018
The guy from Outer banks who always wears a hat. Tbh he's underrated. Really like the character and actor. PUT SOME RESPECT ON HIS NAMEEE
Friend: Yo u know the only black dude in obx???
Me: Oh you mean pope, played by Jonathan Daviss!

Y'all I'm just playin there's plenty of black dides in obx
by BotchedBita September 22, 2022