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Home to the biggest ragers on earth. All necessities are purchased at the Davidsonville Country Store and everybody has sick landscaping due to the famous Homestead Gardens. Davidsonville also boasts the up and coming Golf Course Renditions where the coke head managers run a beautiful replica hole golf course of many major championship courses. If you want a new bowl you go to the BP across from Riva Road. Everybody who has lived there long enough has been a Davidsonville Gator at one point in their life. Home to white trash communities Riverwood and super rich communities such as Fox Hall Harbor Hills and Eagles Passages, Davidsonville is one of the best towns in all of Maryland.
We need to go to the BP in Davidsonville and get a new bowl from the shady arab who pretends to not know what you are talking about.
by Mot Slebow July 21, 2010
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