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A “Dark Friend” is someone who has sold their soul to the devil (or at least thinks they have) in return for “kick backs” from Satan.

Dark Friends socially prey on people and take great pleasure in creating sorrow and mischief in their lives.

They are usually charming when young and many even have a clever, sense-of-humor.

Dark friends are different than Trolls in that they believe in an evil higher power.

Most trolls are “Atheists” or “Born-Again Christians. “

All Dark Friends take great pleasure in subtly seducing people…with drugs, sex, and decadent views on life. They enjoy seeing the gradual downfall of the people they have “taken under the wing” by destroying their positive relationships, getting them addicted to drugs, etc. and other bad behavior.

Dark Friends will take you to a “Girl’s Night Out” to get you drunk and cheat on your significant other. They are jealous of and despise “Love” in all its forms and focus on the “ultimately hollow” sensual aspect of Sex, Clothing, Jewelry and the latest gadgets and fashions.

Most Dark Friends usually end up alone and bitter in their last years with few people wanting to have anything to do with them from their lifetime’s worth of nastiness.
Perry is one mean dark friend, he poisoned my cat, fucked my dog and keyed my car.
by Ian De La Rosa June 30, 2013
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In practical everyday uses, a Dark Friend is someone who appears to like you and have your best interest at hand, but, in reality, subtly enjoys befriending you and watching your down fall.

Dark Friends enjoy turning good, honest and loyal people into bad and watching their suffering and deterioration that comes in result of this. They can slowly do this through the use of drugs, music, sex, materialistic culture or subtle suggestions that slowly make the person discontent and open to negative activity.

On the outside, Dark Friends can be attractive, clever and funny, but their motives are always vile and self-centered. They hold Love in great contempt and try to destroy and dissolve it in any way possible.

The term “Dark Friend” originated in the fictional world of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time fantasy series. “Dark friends are followers of the Dark One. Dark friend in the Old Tongue is Atha'an Shadar, which translated more directly to "People of the Dark.”
“As a, hopefully, wiser adult, I can see into people much better and can see a dark friend more than I was able to when I was younger.”
by Ian De La Rosa September 20, 2013
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