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A diffuse, multifaceted movement intent upon darkening the door of the liberal commercial-democratic order ushered in by the Enlightenment. It is, by necessity and often also by preference, dissident. A common thread running through the disparate weavers of the DE fabric is the realization that the Enlightenment had a dark side and that the modes of thought and society that it steered us toward might lead ultimately to a dark place, an antithesis.
Some pithy things the Dark Enlightenment has to say regarding:

Gays--homophobia is not responsible for your astronomically high rates of suicide and drug abuse.

Feminists--there have historically been fewer female geniuses than men, and there always will be.

Black liberals--want to see a country looks like with no "white privilege"? Check out Liberia.

Neoconservatives--forcing democracy on inbred populations? At the barrel of a gun? Even my dog is smarter than that.

Asian men and black women--"society" isn't the only reason why you are considered less attractive by the opposite sex.

Education reformers--we all know why you never send your own kids to "diverse" urban schools.
by AudaciousEpigone April 02, 2014
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