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A living legend!! A "Daril" is not only a rare name in its spelling but often caught stealing your girl! He has confidence to go in and charge for any girl popular or not.

He not only can treat a girl right! But he can keep them begging for more!

A daril is a good friend and always has your back whether you are his "Ex" or an old rival.

He fights for a girl he really wants but when pushed away too far he may just up and vanish!

Often popular in school and with a name many cannot forget. If you met ever meet a "daril" keep him close he can help you through tough times and ways gives the best advice!
"Is that daril there? There he goes attacking the booty again
by NothingButTruthToReveal July 29, 2017
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a thot that cheats when he has a girlfriend and has a crush on a family member
Girl with big asses call daril over
by Daril December 22, 2016
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