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Found in remote parts of the world. The Daponte uses his "mutton chops" as a defense to repel the female human. He will be found in rediculous furs also for repelling women, for example his greasy leather headwear. His diet consits of gut wrenching "foods". compelled to vomit out of the blue regularily. Usually Gay. A rare breed.
"That greasy guy must be a daponte... look at all the women within the 50ft radius running the other way!!"
by RickyBobby186 July 20, 2009
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when someone is acting like a bitch out of the blue, or mood swings excessively.
guy 1: dood, why are you acting like a daponte?

guy 2: you're right man, i'm bein' a total buster.
by jham365 April 18, 2011
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