Daoud is the most loyal friend you can have. He usually puts everyone else before himself. You should really want and appreciate a friend like Daoud. A lot of people are jealous of him and often call him annoying and small.

Daoud’s name is usually written as ‘Doud
Man 1: Oh man, don’t you think Daoud is annoying sometimes? He’s a small guy that acts big.
Man 2: Shut the fuck up, daoud is an amazing friend, just yesterday he got me Pizza Hut cookie dough and ice cream.
Man 1: Wow that nice of Daoud, I wish I had a friend like him! My dad left me.
by iPhone14 December 16, 2018
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A loyal nigga from Pakistan who always has your back. You can always count on a daoud to bsck you up.
Person1: im lucky the lawyer had my back, man
Person2: he must have been a daoud
by Mandemfrmdaeast January 27, 2020
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An alternate Belgian word for Dude. As created by a shop window in Antwerp
by Daoud Stadt September 4, 2008
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A savage that has all the girls and will always have your back
usually plays hockey and bass guitar

usually likes old songs and rap/hip-hop
by DBknockout September 18, 2018
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Hey man can you hurry up in the bathroom. I gotta take a mighty DAOUD.
by xxxtenaciousD November 1, 2017
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An Afro beast that loves cats no more to say about him he's too much of a beast
by Ngffgjjggj June 23, 2017
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Alex Daoud is the guy to vomit on your parents bed from drinking to much.

He brings joy to everyone he meets and is very friendly. but dont bring him ice-skating

Alex Daoud is a great person, but may fall in love with you… and never let it go
”Dude i just got new skates! Want to join in on quick session at the rink?”

”Nahhh, dont feel like it.”

”Stop beeing such an Alex Daoud
by bigdiqpreamk November 22, 2021
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