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The coolest cat to ever grace the earth with his presence. The bees knees. The cream of the crop. The cat's pajamas.

Synonyms: The Great One, The Dragon Born, Da Trooph, Al Capone
Hottie Groupie: "Dayum, who's that smokin hawt cool kid over there?"

Dude #1: "Oh that's Danny Keller"

Hottie Groupie: "wow, what. a. hunk."
by J-Bone147 January 17, 2012
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Danny Keller is Ultimately one of the tightest fellows to have walked the planet the mere name encompasses all of the below phrases and more

1) He is so tight he could peel an orange in his pocket
2) He is so tight he can split a currant in two.
3) So tight when he drops a penny it hits him the back of the head.
4) He's so tight that if you shoved a lump of coal up his arse, within hours you'd have a diamond.
5) As tight as an otters pocket.
6) He`s so tight he only breathes in.
7) Tight as a shark's arse at 40 fathoms.
8) He's so tight, he only cries out of one eye!
9) So tight he's like a Yorkshire man with all the generosity kicked out of him.
10) He's so tight he uses both sides of the toilet paper.

And so on and so forth, So much so that if you need anything at work there is a DICK or Does It Cost Keller Test.

Nobody has really requested and truly passed a DICK test.
I need to get some tools for our next job?

DK: Can you hold off on that for now?

Man, I fucking failed the DICK Test - Danny Keller!
by Mr Fletcher January 24, 2019
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