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1. A special place, usually in one's home, in which one can smoke kind bud without fear of reprisal from family or unjust prosecution by the law. It requires absolutely no creature comforts and may even be uncomfortable due to space limitations, exposure, odor, or proximity to dangerous equipment.
1. Wife--Hon, what happened? Husband--Aww man,I was hunkering in the danktuary takin' wise man communion and I hit my head on some exposed nails after I took a shock from the wires on that giant compressor in the basement.
2. Child 1: Dad sure is more fun and looks less like he's about to have an aneurysm after he fixes that compressor in the building basement. Child 2: Yeah, mom says he prays for patience and takes communion is the Danktuary.
by NippleDriver January 23, 2012
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