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A beautiful, intelligent, and creative girl who is bordering onto goddess material. Sometimes she wows herself with her awesomeness, but her pure heart keeps her from vanity.
Wow, her aura is blinding! She must be a Danii!
by chocolate milk is yum. December 30, 2011
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An awesome person, usually a little negative but all around good hearted woman, who likes orange juice.
by Danii is my aunt September 13, 2011
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A danii is one of the worst things to walk the earth. They always lie and they never make the effort, leading to most people thinking of them as some kind of grimy creature. They most like beds filled with candles so love making feels better. They can also give birth, but only with God. They will often steal your money if you turn your back, as this is how they fund their powerful Mars bar Addiction.
Dude, a danii just stole my curly wurly and is trading it for a mars bar!
by Senjaru March 29, 2010
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bisexual to double ones chances as she falls in love with a tramp.
weighs over 20stone with an obsessive eating disorder and once ate her cats RUNNY shit.. yummy

loves a girl named jess.. :)
"woah that girls a danii"
"i kno, i shagged her boyfriend in a box"
by jessikarrr April 19, 2008
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