Loves to play with bootys and his own. Sometimes jerks off on Tuesday’s and sometimes Fridays other times every single day, his mom is nice. He loves girls. Like he thinks about them when he sleeps. He is the moistened version of Charlie sheen because he was just born 13 years ago but he has 1 Year. Has a twin who hates Jews
Damn Daniel , you Daniel m
by Deliciousredgummybear May 1, 2018
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Daniel is a caring and loving person very kind and forgiving, also hella fat n shit he hela neggative bruh, like you buy him McDonald's and he says "thanks" but like an hour later he's like" f*ck u dude why didn't you buy me and soda for that McDonald's " so don't buy him food cus he ain't gonna be thankful nigga and the first things I said was a lie
Daniel, the most negative person Eva like Eva man wtf. Daniel means strafner
by Strafner August 26, 2018
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fatass black fatass fatass fatass fatass big fatass who gets angry when you take his Cheetos. and tells Mrs. Boss. and Davison. he also crys when you take his food. but also he sucks ball sacks at snapping
shayian: is that Daniel m?
the squad: eww nigga that black astronaut aint nobody like him hes fat as fuck niggaaaaa
by nigger4141 February 24, 2020
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