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A Youtuber from Australia who also happens to be YouTube's King of Countdown videos, Danger Dolan is the owner of the channel Planet Dolan, where along with countdown videos, Dolan also recants true stories told to him by people either on Reddit or in the comment section. When Dolan is unavailable, his fellow Planet Dolan brethren do videos as well, this brethren includes Dolan's Mysterious Brother, Hellbent, Pringle, Doopie, Melissa and Nixxiom.
I'm Danger Dolan, and today, I will be your narrator
by Metallicajunkie October 03, 2018
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1. A rare pink carrot, apparently.
2. A YouTuber who reveals the TRUTH!!! *gets spit everywhere* about stuff and makes people laugh. Also, he does top 10 lists, and commonly collaborates with other people.
"Where's the Danger Dolan?" "The carrot or the YouTuber?" "wot" "Either way I don't know."
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by Ye Olde Gomibaka April 19, 2018
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