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A homosexual or bisexual male. A Dandy Boy can be completely out, partially out, closeted or in complete denial.
Stan: Hey Joe. Have you met the new neighbor yet?
Joe: No what's his story?
Stan: I can sum it up for you. Dandy Boy.
Joe: Sweet. This hood can use a good sausage party.
by Eaton Holgoode March 13, 2015
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Dandy boys reside in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne City, and were one of the first to put the South East on the map.
Dandenong is full of gangs such as the SC, DB3 and other gangs.

Person one: Ay are you going to that party tonight?
Person two: Nah i herd dandy boys are coming
Person one: Man they always come and f**k shit up
by Michael Trucks March 20, 2009
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