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really mean girl, but she loves the colour orange, she's basically the colour orange, orange is her spirit animal. Whenever you speak to her she will always talk about the colour orange, almost all of her stuff is orange.
friend 1 - wow that girl is really mean to me
friend 2 - that's because she's a danca!
by TROSHCNAN February 14, 2019
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Synonym for "Dingo Ate My Baby," "Weasley," "Chuckie" (from Rugrats), or "Sheeran."

Used to describe a cartoon connoisseur who is particularly infatuated with the animated movie "Akira."

A Danca is interested in ska and punk music like the Grateful Dead.

A Danca also is a talented artist and self taught musician.
Danca is making an animation of a hot dog stripping it's bun.
by Portland Oregon January 15, 2018
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