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Has a cute a smile: whenever she does smile. Very quiet around people she doesn't know. Has a keen sense of style. She is Intelligent, optimistic, and has good ideas. She can be flirtatious & is very pretty. She is her own person and never feels the need to "fit in." She can be very indecisive when making decisions. She can be sweet & sour; you just never know. She is a very strong individual. Lastly she's low key goofy.
1.Get you a Danaria she Lit !

2. Did you see that last definition? They must've really had hate towards Danaria
by Websters333 March 14, 2017
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Danaria is generally a bitch. She gossips about people constantly, but claims she is not involved in drama. Girls named Danaria are normally below average intelligence. She is very flip floppy. One day she's your friend and the next she's not. Friends of hers beware!
Person 1: Did you hear her? She's talking shit again!
Person 2: Of course she is! Her names Danaria
by Boombasicbitch July 25, 2014
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