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25% of the battlecry of roided-out Indian dudes the world over: "TOTAL DAMRAGE, HEATHEN PRIDE"

Although its origin is unknown, "Damrage" was likely borne of a misspelling of "damage" before being claimed to be a portmanteau of "damage" and "rage."
Now its most common usage is an ironic one (although still often preceded with "total"), directed primarily at men of Indian descent trying to flex because they mistakenly believe themselves to be a Chad.
Indian Gym Rat: "Hey bro check out this video of my new 1rm."
Assorted Gym Bro: "Damn, Arjun, really doin' some Total Damrage there."
by Brosef Ballin' September 20, 2018
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When you inflict some real damage and infuse it with otherworldly rage, you get DAMRAGE
Better dive in with some more real goddamn DAMRAGE in it

Bro, Do u even DAMRAGE ?

I don't keep calm becoz DAMRAGE

Proud HEATHEN from the Cult of DAMRAGE
by Blissful Remnant June 24, 2018
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