A person coming from the north to the South. Usually distinguished by their bad driving, and saying "In OHIO, we have hot tea, not sweet tea"
Damn Yankee: Lets move the entire population of Ohio to the South, take all of the jobs, and bitch about what is different.
Southerner: If Ohio's so great, MOVE BACK... Damn yankee.
by Jessica, you nazi! January 03, 2006
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A yankee who moves South because of the warmer climate and friendly people, and decides to stay. (As opposed to regular yankees who return home because they like crappy food and weather cold enough to cause death).
Northerner: "In Bastaan people know how to drive fast, unlike dan here".

Southerner: "Well, Delta flies both ways, ya damn yankee."
by Squishy January 12, 2004
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American residing north of the Mason-Dixon line, the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania. Word most commonly found in Southern States.
It wasn't till i was 18 that i learned Damnyankee was two words.
by Thomas Pierce September 15, 2003
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Someone from the North who moves to South, and is often stereotyped as rude, stuck-up, and stupid, though not all of them really are.
Southerner: There's that new guy again.
Other Southerner: I hear he's from New York.
Southerner: Great, not another Damn Yankee.
by ThatDamnYankee September 22, 2009
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A Rock supergroup consisting of Ted Nugent, Tommy Shaw of Styx, Jack Blades of Night Ranger, and drummer Michael Cartellone. They were together from 1989 to 1993 and had two albums: Damn Yankees (1990), and Don't Tread (1992). Over this period of time, the band hat hits such as High Enough, Come Again, Coming of Age, Don't Tread on Me, Where You Goin' now, Silence is Broken, Uprising, Bad Reputation, Mister Please, Runaway, Mystified, and others. At the end, Damn Yankees went Double Platinum and Don't Tread went Platinum. Power ballad 'High Enough' went #1. This is one kick butt band.
Many Damn Yankees fans are demanding a reunion.
by classicSTYX August 17, 2008
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