Damn shawty. on Apr 16, 2020 the youtuber Simon Cev posted a video in youtube reacting to Playboi Carti song called @MEH. and he saw a big booty bitch and he quote damn shawty
greatd1nner :yooo i got to GM in OW.
DarkAcT :with what?
greatd1nner :with widowmaker
DarkAcT :damn shawty
by QAZONA June 19, 2020
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A phrase used when one encounters a woman of significant attractiveness and, commonly, impure of heart however this is not required.
God Damn Shawty you wanna come back to my crib?
by Logan Paul's Homosexual Uncle February 16, 2021
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Used to describe a females ass being totally in shape and round as a peach, when you smack it it jiggles (no surgery needed)
Random:Damn shawty ass fat on my momma bruh
by Extravagant Creature September 25, 2019
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Usually paired with a picture of a broken monitor, laptop, phone, etc to ironically to make fun of people who do ERP (erotic roleplay) on discord.
Person 1: ahhh that was so fun
person 2: ''Damn shawty that e sex was crazy though'' (insert picture of broken monitor)
by DOMOWO!!! October 7, 2022
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