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Cool dude that go out with Maddie. He is super athletic and strong. He will play either pro basketball, football, or boxing.
Be like Damarion
by Damarion Whitsett May 28, 2018
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damarion is a nice funny guy he gets all the girls and he is a sneaker head and he has a big dick
damarion is sexy
by girl he fine June 04, 2018
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An asshole that gets pussy but people tend to dislike him but he doesn't care
That guy is such a Da'Marion
by Mick_killa December 10, 2016
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Damarion is a cool dude. He really wants to make friends when he goes/moves somewhere new. Not many people like him because he can get annoying at times. But he tries his best to fit in and chill out.
Damarion moved from Princeton
by Pirple is just purple122 November 23, 2018
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Complete ass that thinks he's cool and can flame but for real can't... likes to flame on the girls he likes/crushing on.
OMGOSH Alexis Damarion is so fucking stupid he's so ugly smh.
by Boss_ass_bitch1010 November 02, 2016
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