Traditional German definition/translation: Once

English use: a word that can be used in the same context as any of the big swear words. It's an all-inclusive replacement word!
Traditional: Damals war es Friedrich
"Damals, that sucks"
"Damals to hell"
"That's damals"
"That's damalzed"
"That Hick's test was damals!"

by Curb Rebel October 4, 2008
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Refering to the lips or flaps of the vagina
"Oh shit Johnny, you left cum on my left damal"

"AHHH man!! I have some discharge on my right damal!!"
by Johninonica December 24, 2007
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Pronounced : hawt dumb-mall-ee

A very physically attractive young man or woman whose lack of intelligence vastly overwhelms their general appeal to the opposite or same sex.
"That guy is so HOTT" -Nick
"Oh no man, he's as dumb as bricks" -Katie
"Oh, a Hot Damale"
by Friendsss June 15, 2009
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