(Noun) Day-lee-uhn A resident of the town of Oildale, California; a suburb of Bakersfield. Also known as an 08'er in reference to the zip code 93308. Used as a pejorative or a term of endearment. Also the name of a Bakersfield country band.

If you have more tattoos than teeth, you might be a Dalien. You don't have to use meth to be a Dalien, but it helps.

although there is no correct spelling, alternate spellings known to exist are...
"Did you see that guy with the "Oildale Pride" tattoo?"
"Now THAT'S a Dalien!"

"Some Dalien hit me up for a dollar at Super Tom's"
by avacado_hater September 28, 2009
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Dalien is an awkward teen that has the worst spelling ability in the world. He, however, completely makes up for it by being the cutest and loveliest jungkook stan in the whole wide world. He is so great and his care and love for his peers is so pure and genuine it actually brings people like myself to happy tears sometimes. He really is the coolest and greatest friend ever and anyone should be so lucky to even have him in heir life for just a split second. This guy never fails to make people smile, and is just the greatest boy ever and I really want people to know that. He is also officially married to Shinae, and their bond is the strongest thing ever. He is probably many people's ult bias, especially Shinae, but that's no surprise because the boy is so loveable. So yeah, go stan him.
Shinalien: "I love Dalien so much."
Also Shinalien: "Nevermind, Dalien is a big dummy."
by soleluvr August 06, 2020
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