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A guy who watches goat porn on the Daily while drinking gasoline. He looks like the type that smokes tumblegrass while talking to his pet cacti In the front yard. Occasionally he will have a bonfire and use his mating call to attract the "bitches" aka armadillos. He wears bathing suits just to show how thirsty he is.
Only in Arkansas will you find a Dakodah.
by MrHarHar May 19, 2017
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A complete mexican, usually male and is relly good at pretending to be a homosexual or might not be pretending. Good at jumping borders and eating tacos. usually male and gay.
"That dakodah jumped my fence last night"
"Ow my ass hurts! Damn Dakodahs!"
by gay fish chick May 21, 2009
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A Dakodah is usually the sweetest of all guys, shy but so sweet. He probably goes well with girls named Savannah. He loves to play fortnite but never puts gaming before his girlfriend. He really is cute and super sweet.
Dakodah yeeeeeet
by Lissa is my best friend June 11, 2018
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He is a sporty dude. He has many friends, who all love his penis. He is very sweet to his girlfriend, and loves her a lot. he is kind of stupid, but that's okay.
Oh my, what big Dakodahs you have
by Too Big For My Britches June 16, 2018
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