Hey Daiz!
by December 29, 2021
Derived from the term "for days" coined by skateboarders, 'daiz' can be used to describe multiple feelings and things.

1. Saying 'daiz' by itself when you approve of something or are stoked about it.

2. "Daizing" or "getting daized upon" refers to getting baked.

3. Used as a way to describe supreme accomplishment.

It can be hard to define this word, as its usage can be varied and recreated based on context and who is saying it. Can also be spelled as 'dayz' or even as simply 'days' depending on the situation.
1.*kid does something gnar on a skateboard* - "daiz!"

2."You wanna daiz after class? I just got a new tube."

"Oh hell yeah."

3."How'd you do on that paper dude?"

"Straight daized it. A plus"
by ShredMcButterson April 14, 2011
said (day-ze or daze)
A truly down-to-earth girl. Doesn't take crap and is honest when the situation calls for it. Can have a bloody good time and enjoys the company of her friends. Doesn't care about her apperance or what people think of her. Typically not blonde, although she can act that way sometimes, with curly hair, usually looking unbrushed and wild. If you ever meet a Daize enjoy the oppotunity and baske in the glow of her awesomeness. Truly a one-of-kind sort of girl.
person 1:hey I met a this girl today.
person 2: yeah, what was her name?
person 1: Daize
person 2: OMG! your so lucky!
by Skimsfriend;) October 13, 2011
gay pre-teens like to mis-spell words so they can look cool when really everyone just thinks their fuckwits example: daiz
by yukk May 19, 2008
hot blonde curly hair dude who likes cheesesticks and rasberry yogurt. and who some ppl like 2 stalk.
OMG there's Daize!!! he looks so hott today
by obsessedwitBD January 24, 2005