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Daito-meaning large sword. A Daito is actually a Katana, though misconceptions say it is larger. The term Daito would be used if the Katana was larger then average, such as Musashi Miyamoto's Katana, since he was well above average height, his Daito was over 30 inches in length, while most Katana's of the time were 26-29 inches.
Daito Katana
Shoto Wakizashi
Tanto Tanto
Daisho -The collection of Katana and Wakizashi, meaning *Big and small*
I bought a Daito of the internet
Musashi weilded his Daito in a no-thought state.
by Ninpo-Bugei July 28, 2006
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A Japanese longsword that is far more practical than it's more ornamental cousin the Katana.
The Samurai wielded his Daito with great skill.
by lordpestilence July 13, 2005
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