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A tall, gorgeous girl who cares about everyone and can be too forgiving and nice at times. She is everyone's friend and sticks up for you when you need it. Daira can be a bitch and if ur being a bitch she's going to tell you to your face. She doesn't give a shit about what people think. She has always loved food and animals, and has always been there for her besties whenever they need her. Daira hates being alone and losing people she cares about, but she also loves standing up for what she believes in. She can make anyone laugh and make your day better just by talking to you. She is very trustworthy and kindhearted and you can come to her about anything. Daira will never backstab you or hurt you physically or emotionally on purpose and she will be very sorry if she does. Daira acts tough on the outside and all big and shit. But there's more to that, in her heart, she is sweet and kindhearted and on the outside she's a hard rock. She pushes you away if you hurt her, and she pushes all the loved ones away some times because she doesn't want to be hurt even more than she already is. She hates doing so. But it's a necessity if she wants to live. She has a hard life but makes everyone else's better and that cheers her up to think so.
Lilly: "Who's your best friend?"

Kirsten: "Daira. No dip Sherlock"
by My name is the sun June 05, 2018
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