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A most amazing, crazy, and beautiful girl. Has a thing for biting people........ and stuff.............. actually just has a thing for biting. Sugar is never a good thing for people like her, they tend to go a little psycho. You have to love her though, she is one of the most likable people alive. She is a warm and inviting person. She tends to have brighter spirits more often than others. She tries to see the silver lining in everything, though she may not always succeed. She is also very open to others' opinions and puts her heart in everything she does. She also loves to make people happy by being a bit humorous. Because she is so positive when things don't turn out as planned she tends to feel pity for herself. She can also be gullible and unaware of things. She can also be forgetful at times. In all she is a Bubbly person. Everybody love Daija. <3
eg Ok, who gave Daija the sugar???? Huh?? Huh!?! HUH!!!!
eg Daija is AMAZING, she just makes my day
eg OMG! They look the SAME! no drrr Daija. They're twins, they're supposed to look the same.
by barr_b256 September 09, 2009
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Daija is the freaky type. She will date any boy if she can get him. She is a hoe/ slut bag.
Daija- hey wanna date
Guy- sure☺️
by ......princesss...... July 23, 2017
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