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This is basically what happens in a number of situations involving a Daddy's Little Girl.

1: The girl's boyfriend may have got her pregnant, and maybe shunned responsibility.

2: The girl may have finished with her boyfriend but he isn't getting the message.

3: The father is over-protective and has found out some boy has so much as looked at his little girl.

What the revenge involves will depend on what Daddy is like. The lad who has wronged his daughter in whatever way could end up with a thrashing, an appearance in court, a shotgun up the nose, or forced into a marriage that wily little minx has planned all along (you didn't really believe her when she said she was safe for a few days, did you?)
Daddy's Little Girl: "I want us to get married, Joe.
Joe: Married? No, sorry. I do like you, but I wasn't planning....
DLG: But I'm pregnant.
Joe: Well, I'm sorry, but it was your idea not to take precautions that night.
DLG: Did I mention my Daddy boxes for Southampton? Yes, he's just as fit and strong as when he was eighteen. Hell of a punch he's got on him. Oh yes. He'd do anything for his little girl.
Joe: But wait....I....wasn't....
His choice - Daddy's Revenge or marriage to someone who plans to take him for every penny he's got and then dump him in the gutter without a copper coin to his name.
by StormSworder August 19, 2006
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