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There is only one real "Daddy K" in this world. He is the protector of the innocent, the survivor of tragedy, and the one everyone fears. In fact, Daddy K has become such a legend that the word is now used to describe a state of mind. At some point or another, we have all been Daddy K, knowingly or not. Whenever you feel like you just can't stand the injustices around you and you put on a "tough guy" persona to make your point, you are Daddy K.
Two bullies are picking on a weak kid in a desolate hallway after school. Someone sees the violence going on and tries to stand up.

"Hey man what are you doing, we've picked on Jimmy for weeks its fine man go with the flow and get out of here" -the Bullies

"No, you've gone too far now, it's time to put you bullies back in place. Who am I? I'm Daddy K, I drive the finest cars, I get the finest girls and no one can stop me" -Daddy K

by whatisthistree March 02, 2009
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