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Pronounced : dahdish

A word created by members of the

NRHS football team during their 2018-2019 but now all these bum ass niggas use it. Alterative forms are daddy o' daddish and daddy daddish. Oftentimes used instead of "bro" or similar terms.
Nick M. - hola coma 'stas daddy daddish

Malik D. - get me tishaaa daddy o' daddish
by FreeRkelly April 27, 2019
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Someone who looks sexy enough to call daddy
Oh shit bae was looking extra daddish today!
by Hoponthathorse June 26, 2017
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someone who isn't exactly old but acts/reminds you of your dad.
i went on a date, and the guy was a total dud...very daddish
by daddish April 07, 2010
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