In georgian, Dachi means very handsome and smart boy. There was 1 boy in Georgian history, Dachi Tomadze, best Dachi and best person alive on earth. He had very daqliavebul friends, like lukas, giorgis, nikas and etc.
Dachi zangs ar nishnavs
Dachi magari xar
Dachi momeci
by DachikoDidiDaDiadi November 22, 2021
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Good-looking young man with great taste in clothes and fragrances. His inborn positive mindset leads to feel loosely around him. As well as being outgoing he never rejects any suggestions. Moreover he will back any idea no matter the time. "chuqu matarabelo gulis gamxarebelo" - words, which match his personality.
"Chuqu matarebelo gulis gamxarebelo" - Dachi
by Mrs. Grace November 21, 2021
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Dachi is Future Billionare.
Dachi is that type of person who will become Really rich.
Hey you will be Dachi next year.
Wassup Dachi?
by DBR-Future November 22, 2021
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by jasoniyan April 25, 2018
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Dachi is someone whos attractive. Also he is positive and funny. He has a great future and he can do bodybuilding and exclusive part of dachi he has massive blackman's dick!
You soo cool but not even close at dachi
by #.Unknown.# November 22, 2021
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